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APSITT2012 successfully held at Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile
Let’s Join 2013 IEICE General Conference with Complete English Session, at Gifu University on March 19-22, 2013

IEICE Vietnam Section Has Just Commenced and Will Join Annual Overseas Section Representative Meeting on the Occasion of 2013 General Conference

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IEICE and IEEE Entered into the Agreement on Mutual Membership Fee Discount

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APSITT2012 successfully held at Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile

Hikaru Suzuki,
Co-Chair, APSITT2012 Organizing Committee, IEICE Communications Society, NTT Software Innovation Center, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
 The 9th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Information and Telecommunication Technologies (APSITT2012) was successfully held on November 5-9, 2012, with the sponsorship of IEICE, technical sponsorship of IEEE Communications Society and co-sponsorship of the University of Chile (UChile) and Federico Santa Maria Technical University (UTFSM). It was set up at UChile in Santiago: the capital city at first and successively at UTFSM in Valparaiso: UNESCO's World Heritage City after the excursion, for the participants to experience the vast geographical feature of Chile.
 We aim toward the prosperity of Asia-Pacific region by presenting the opportunities of academic forum for mutual understanding and friendship among researchers and leaders in this region. APSITT has provided forums since 1993*. APSITT2012 was cooperatively organized by the committees in UChile, UTFSM, IEICE Technical Committee of Network Systems (NS) and that of Information Networks (IN).

Prof. E.S. Vera (UChile) giving the Opening Address
Welcome Speeches by Prof. V.L. Perez V. (UChile) and Prof. H. Morikawa (University of Tokyo)

 On the first day, Prof. Eduardo S. Vera (UChile) conducted the Opening Session at UChile (Fig.1). In this session, Prof. Victor L. Perez V. (Rector, UChile) and Prof. Hiroyuki Morikawa (The University of Tokyo) provided Welcoming Speeches entitled "ICT R&D International Collaboration at UChile" and "Making Stories for ICT R&D", respectively (Fig.2). Prof. Alejandro Jofre (UChile) and Mr. Alvaro Fischer (Fundacion Chile) also gave Opening Speech: "Advanced ICT for Mathematical Modeling with HPC" and Keynote speech: "Innovation in Chile: An Enhanced Ecosystem", respectively. Then Prof. Takeshi Asahi (UChile) chaired the following Invited Sessions at UChile. In these sessions, Prof. Tohru Asami (The University of Tokyo) offered Technical Program Overview: "Organization Committee Messages for 9th APSITT".

 Dr. Eduardo Hardy (NRAO-USA / Joint ALMA Office), Dr. Kou Miyake (NTT Data Intellilink) and Mr. Francisco Amiama (Codelco-Chile) gave the Invited Speeches entitled "ALMA Scientific and Technological Challenges", "An Ultra Energy-saving Power Supply System for Data Centers" and "Digital CODELCO", respectively. At the Welcome Banquet, Dr Inoue gave his speech about the history of the APSITT (Fig.3).
Fig.3 Dr. Y.
Inoue’s Greetings covering the history of APSITT at the Welcome Banquet
Fig.4 Excursion to the huge mining site of CODELCO El Teniente Division located at 2,300 m (7,500 ft) above mean sea level in the Andes.

 On the second day, nine general sessions were conducted by the Technical Program Committee (TPC) members. Following to these sessions, Campus Visit tours of UChile were also conducted.
 On the third day, the excursion was set up to visit CODELCO El Teniente Division: the world's largest underground mine (Fig.4).
 On the fourth day, Prof. Luis Salinas conducted the Invited Sessions at UTFSM. In this session, Prof. Walter Grote provided Welcoming Speeches: "History and academic activities in ITT at UTFSM". Prof. Milan Derpich (UTFSM), Prof. Tomonori Aoyama (Keio University) and Prof. Tetsuya Miki (The University of Electro-Communications) also gave the Invited Speeches entitled "Research in Wireless Communications at UTFSM", "New Generation Networking and Inter-Cloud Computing to Handle Big Data" and "International Project Based Learning using ICT", respectively. After this session, four general sessions were conducted by the TPC members. In addition, Campus Visit tours in UTFSM were also conducted following to the sessions. At the farewell banquet, Prof. E. S. Vera gave the speech grateful to the participants.
 On the last day, Prof. Werner Creixell conducted the Closing Session at UTFSM. In this session, Dr. Atsushi Hiramatsu (NTT) and Prof. Yuri Ivanov (UTFSM) gave the Invited Speeches entitled "Optical Packet Transport for Data-Centric Next Generation

Fig.5 APSITT2012 participants at the Conference luncheon in UTFSM

 Network" and "Distributed Computing at LHC ATLAS Experiment", respectively. Finally, Prof. Shigeo Urushidani (NII) provided the Closing Speech:"Joint Research Projects using Advanced Research and Education Networks". After the session, the excursion was set up to visit the winery at Casablanca Valley (Fig.5).
 Chile is far from Asia, but approximately 80 participants joined the conference from Asia and they were able to know about Chile well. In addition, Chilean participants were able to know the information and communication technology of Asia well. Consequently, everyone was satisfied and the conference finished successfully. Note * See the detailed history of APSITT on the Web, at:
The summary of the former APSITT is available at:
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Let’s Join 2013 IEICE General Conference with Complete English Session, at Gifu University on March 19-22, 2013
 The 2013 IEICE General Conference will be held at Gifu University in Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture on March 19-22, 2013. The Conference has been jointly held by the four Societies and the Human communications Group, every spring season so far, to provide a forum where members could present their study results and exchange views. Besides the presentation of papers, conferment ceremonies of Young Investigators Awards and a welcome party will be held. It will provide Special Sessions organized by the General Conference Committee, public offer based Symposiums, General Sessions with general paper presentation and Student Poster Sessions organized by IEICE Information and Systems Society. One of the Special Sessions will provide Keynote Speeches by invited speakers.
 The IEICE Communications Society will provide a complete daily English Session related to “Network Planning, Control and Management” to cover quite many paper presentations during the whole four days of the Conference. It will cover network issues including wireless applications. It is very easy for any overseas members to register for participation. Please see it at:
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IEICE Vietnam Section Has Just Commenced and Will Join Annual Overseas Section Representative Meeting on the Occasion of 2013 General Conference
IEICE International Affairs Committee
 IEICE has established 10 Overseas Sections so far since the four Overseas Sections were set up in 2003. The new IEICE Vietnamese Section was approved to start their IEICE academic activities in the December-2012 Board of Directors meeting. In the 2013 IEICE General Conference mentioned above, the Overseas Section Representatives will present Guest Speeches in a Special Session based on the plan of the General Conference Committee and organized by IEICE International Affairs Committee. On the
 Table 1 Overseas Section Representatives for 2012-2013 Years (in alphabetical order of Section name) U=University





Dr. Tuptim Angkaew

Chulalongkorn U.


Prof. Tao Zhang

Tsinghua U.


Dr. Haris Gacanin

Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs


Dr.Jaka Sembiring

Inst. of Tech. Bandung


Prof. Choong-Seon Hong

Kyung-Hee U.

Korea, Electronics

Prof., Jang-Kyoo Shin

Kyungpook National U.

Korea, Information

Prof. Young Jin Nam

Daegu U.


Prof. Wen Chen

Shanghai Jiaotong U.


Prof. Arokiaswami Alphones

Nanyang Technological U


Prof. Liang-Hung Lu

National Taiwan U.


Prof. Nguyen Ngoc Binh, Rector

VNU-U. of Engineering and Technlogy.

occasion, the annual Overseas Representative Meeting will be held in the same venue, to discuss the evolution of IEICE’s global activities and improve the overseas membership services.
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Useful Remarks

IEICE and IEEE Entered into the Agreement on Mutual Membership Fee Discount

 IEICE and IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.) have entered into an Agreement including the reciprocal 50% discount on annual basic membership payment, in August 2012, to encourage the exchange and dissemination of technical information, and to promote mutual understanding and cooperation among the members of the Institutes. This advantage is applicable now, to any person who already is a member of either Institute and seeks the new membership of another Institute. This discount service is effective for the first two years of reciprocal membership, and it can not apply to any additional fees, such as subscriptions to IEEE publications.

For IEEE members trying to join IEICE with the discount
 Download the IEICE overseas membership application and credit card forms at, fill in and send them to IEICE H.O.( or by fax to +81-3-3433-6659 with a copy of your IEEE membership card.

For IEICE members trying to join IEEE with the discount
 Join IEEE at To have the 50% discount on IEEE membership, enter the promotion code “IEICE3” on the checkout page. This discount is available to new IEEE members.
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Upcoming International Conferences

ICMTS2013 - IEICE Electronics Soc., IEEE, APEEIE, JSAP, in Osaka, Japan, on March 25-28, 2013,

COOL Chips XVI - IEICE Electronics Soc., IEEE, IPSJ, in Yokohama, Japan, on April 17-19, 2013,

PEDS 2013 - IEICE Kyushu Section, IEEE, IEEJ, in Kitakyushu, Japan, on April 22-25, 2013,

Kaleidoscope2013 - IEICE, ITU, Kyoto University, et al, in Kyoto, Japan, on April 22-24, 2013, kaleidoscope/2013/

EMTS2013 - IEICE Electronics Soc., URSI Commission B, technical sponsorship by IEICE Communications Soc., in Hiroshima, Japan, on May 20-24, 2013,

ICTF2013 - IEICE Europe Section, technically co-sponsored by IEICE Communications Soc., in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, on May 29-31, 2013,

CLEO Pacific Rim 2013 - IEICE Communications Soc. and IEICE Electronics Soc., in Kyoto, Japan, on June 30-July 4, 2013,

OECC/PS2013 - IEICE Communications Soc. and IEICE Electronics Soc., in Kyoto, Japan, on June 30-July 4, 2013,

APSAR 2013 - IEICE Electronics Soc., IEEE, in Tsukuba, Japan, on September 23-27, 2013,

MWP 2013 - IEICE Electronics Soc., IEEE, in Virginia, USA, on October 28-31, 2013,

EMC’14/Tokyo - IEICE Communications Soc., in Tokyo, Japan, on May 13-16, 2014,
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