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SUEMATSU-Yasuharu Award

This award shall be presented to young researchers or engineers/practicians who have made outstanding contributions to science, technology, standardization, etc.* in the fields of electronics, information and communications, and are expected to further advance or develop said endeavor.(* Includes practical implementation, OSS activities, and other related activities. For example, this covers the chairperson of committees and working groups and the editor of standards in the said standardization, as well as program implementation and management support in OSS activities, etc.)

Candidate recipients

The candidate recipient shall fulfill all the criteria below:

  • The recipient must be younger than 40 on December 31 of the year of recommendation.
  • The recipient must not have previously received this award.

Two members of IEICE (One of the two recommenders shall not be affiliated with the same organization as that to which the recommended candidate belongs.)
Note: Self-recommendation shall not be allowed.

Method of recommendation

The recommenders shall send a letter of recommendation together with documents that confirm the candidate’s achievements to the Finance and Administration Department, IEICE Headquarters Office postmarked on or before November 30.

Letter of recommendation (Word) Letter of recommendation (pdf)

[Address to which a letter of recommendation must be sent]
Finance and Administration Department, Headquarters Office, the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg., 101
5-8, Shibakoen 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
105-0011 JAPAN


The selection committee shall consist of the members of the commendation selection committee, and annually select up to three candidates and submit their names to the Board of Directors. If there are multiple recipients, one shall be from academia and one from industry. The third recipient, if any, may be from either background.


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