APSIT 2015
Information for Authors

Paper Submission

For paper submission, please see first "Call for Papers".

Paper Format

Prospective authors are requested to submit papers in the following format:

  • IEEE compatible PDF
  • A paper of three(3) pages
  • Double column
  • 10 point font for body text
  • In English
  • With your contact information

For details of IEEE Format and PDF Creation process, go to this page. The following templates are available for creating papers compliant to IEEE Format; Manuscript Templates for Conference Proceedings.

Generating PDF

After creating papers, authors should use IEEE PDF eXpress to generate the PDF versions of the papers. PDF eXpress can also be used for checking the PDF files created by the authors, in order to verify they are compliant with PDF Specification for IEEE Xplore.

IEEE PDF eXpress service can be used as thefollowing three steps:

  1. Go to the IEEE PDF eXpress site.
    • If you are new to IEEE PDF eXpress, create a new account using Conference ID 35005xp
    • If you already have your account on IEEE PDF eXpress, login with Conference ID 35005xp
    • Note: The tentative deadline is indicated in the PDF eXpress service, but the deadline is shown in schedules on website.
  2. Submit your PDF file (for checking) or source files (for conversion). For conversion, following formats are acceptable as source files:
    • Microsoft Word
    • (La)TeX (A DVI and supported image files must be included in a compressed archive)
    • Other forms can be also used for conversion. See the application formats in the IEEE PDF eXpress.
  3. You will receive an email with your checked PDF or IEEE PDF eXpress-converted PDF attached.


Uploading a paper to IEEE PDF eXpress is NOT the same as submitting the paper for publication. You will still need to submit the checked PDF of your paper through EDAS as shown in website.

Submission Instruction

Authors are required to submit their papers through the EDAS site for APSITT 2015 according to the following three steps:

  1. Create a personal account on EDAS (if you are new to EDAS).
  2. Register the paper with a short abstract (250 words maximum). Then, your paper ID is issued.
  3. Upload the PDF file of the paper.

The result of submission will be notified on April 13, 2015. Detailed procedure author have to do will be written in the notification. If you have any questions, please e-mail to the Technical Program Committee of APSITT2015.


  • A PDF file that is not compatible to PDF Specification for IEEE Xplore is acceptable for the conference proceedings, but may not be uploaded to IEEE Xplore.
  • Accepted and presented papers will be published in the conference proceedings. Among them, the papers presented in Selected Session will be submitted to IEEE Xplore as well as other Abstracting and Indexing (A&I) databases.

Session Information

Accepted papers should be presented in either of the following two sessions:

Selected Session

  • Oral presentation (20min. speech and 5 min. Q&A)
  • Published on the IEEE Xplore in addition to the USB proceedings
  • Copyrighted by IEICE

Regular Sesseion

  • Oral presentation (12 min. speech and 3 min. Q&A)
  • Published on the USB proceedings
  • Copyrighted by IEICE

Copyright Transfer

In order to transfer the copyright of the articles submitted, all authors should agree with the copyright transfer to IEICE. Copyright transfer process is carried out via EDAS. Authors fill in a copyight transfer form, and upload it in a PDF format via EDAS.

  1. Click the Select Record Copyright form button.
  2. Upload the PDF file from the File name for scanned copyright form.
  3. Author may keep the special copyright stamp form as blank.

The copyrights of the paper, including rights in for publishing in any media, are transferred to the IEICE. The authors retain the following rights:

  1. All proprietary rights other than copyrights.
  2. Re-use of all or part of the above manuscript in their work.
  3. Reproduction of the above manuscript for author's personal use or for company / institution use provided that (a) the permission of the IEICE is obtained prior to reproduction, (b) the source and IEICE copyright notice are indicated, and (c) the copies per se are not offered for sale.
  4. The consent of the author (or one of the authors) be sought as a condition in granting republication permission to others.


On Site

For your presentation, please bring your own laptop PC.

  • LCD projector with VGA connector will be provided.
  • Electric power (230V/50Hz) will be supplied.

Contact (Do Not Send Your Paper)

APSITT 2015 Technical Program Committee: