Future Technical Meetings



DateTopicsVenueCo-sponsorsApplication due for submission
April 19-20Antennas and ProgationHachijomachi-ShokokaiIEEE AP-S Tokyo ChapterFeb. 10
May 17-18Antennas and ProgationKumamoto Univ.IEEE AP-S Fukuoka Chapter, URSI-FMarch 10
June 21Antennas and ProgationKikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg.IEEE AP-S Tokyo ChapterApril 10
July 18-20Satellite Communications, Remote Sensing, Antennas and PropagationHokkaido Univ.SAT(joint), SANE(joint), IEEE AP-S Tokyo Chapter, URSI-FMay 10
Aug. 23-24Antennas and ProgationNippon Institute of Tech.IEEE AP-S Tokyo ChapterJune 10
Sept. 20-21Microwaves, Millimeter waves, Antennas and ProgationTokyo Institute of Tech.MW(joint), IEEE AP-S Tokyo ChapterJuly 10
Oct. 18-19Student Session, Antennas and ProgationOkayama Univ.IEEE AP-S Kansai Chapter, URSI-FAug. 10
Nov. 20-22Radio Communications, Antennas and PropagationOkinawa Industry Support CenterRCS(joint), IEEE AP-S Fukuoka Chapter, URSI-FSept. 10
Dec. 13Antennas and PropagationKikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg.IEEE AP-S Tokyo ChapterOct. 10
Jan. 17-18Wireless Power Transfer, Antennas and PropagationToyota MuseumWPT(joint), IEEE AP-S Nagoya Chapter, URSI-FNov. 10
Feb. 21-22Antennas and Propagation, Industrial SessionSumitomo ElectricIEEE AP-S Kansai ChapterDec. 10
March 14-15Antennas and PropagationFukushima Ryokan YunoyaIEEE AP-S Tokyo ChapterJan. 10

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