5th International Workshop on Photonics applied to Electromagnetic Measurement (PEM2023)

Technical committee on Photonics-applied Electromagnetic Measurement

Beautiful campus of Hokkaido University

Dates: November 27(Mon.) - 28(Tue.), 2023

Venue:Frontier Research in Applied Sciences Building
Hokkaido University, Hokkaido, Japan
Hybrid of on site and web

Workshop chair: Ai-ichiro Sasaki (Kindai University, Japan)

Program in progress

Call for papers

Manuscript template (for regular talks and poster presentations)
Manuscript template (for invited talks)

Paper submission(English) (Japanese) ; Dedline is August 6 (23:59 UTC+9).

Application form in progress for PEM 2023 Exhibition



  1. Basic theory/techniques related to PEM

  2. Systems for PEM

  3. Applications of PEM, such as antenna or EMC measurements, imaging, spectroscopy, remote sensing,...

  4. Competitive/complementary technologies to PEM (not limited to photonics-based technologies)

Important Date


How to Registartion
Please access Registration form page.

Up to Oct. 27, the fees for regular and student participants are 8,000JPY and 4,000JPY, respectively.
After Oct. 27, the fees for regular and student participants are 10,000JPY and 5,000JPY, respectively.

Regular Student
Up to October 27 JPY \ 8,000 JPY \ 4,000
After October 27 JPY \ 10,000 JPY \ 5,000


Please send an email to PEM2023 secretariat (pem-info@mail.ieice.org).