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2017年 電子情報通信学会総合大会 シンポジウム

複雑コミュニケーションサイエンス・情報ネットワーク科学: 学生・若手研究者特集ポスターセッション


本セッションは CCS 研究会との合同開催となっています



本セッション:3月23日 10:00 – 11:20





  • ライトニングトーク (5分) + ポスター発表 (60分)
  • 各発表者は講演スライドとポスターを用意してください(サイズ・様式は自由)
  • シンポジウム開始前にポスターを会場に貼って下さい.貼り付け用テープは準備します
  • ポスター発表前に各講演につき5分間のライトニングトークがあります.ポスター発表の概要を説明して下さい.
時間 講演者・所属(敬称略) タイトルなど
10:00-10:05 開会挨拶
10:05-10:20 Lightning Talk ※ 1講演ごとに 5分 (3名)
10:20-11:20 ポスター発表
片山 慎治,高橋 亮,引原 隆士(京都大学) 無線フィードバックによる電力パケットミキサの出力電力調整に関する実験的一検討
白 成哲,引原 隆士(京都大学) 電力パケットのペイロード制御による電力及び情報タグ伝送の評価
酒井 勇輔,藤原 明広(福井工業大学) 人の移動データの作成と可視化: 感染型情報伝搬への影響
11:20  閉会

連絡先: 藤原明広(福井工業大学)


Call for presention of CCS & NetSci symposium 2017
“Poster Session for Students and Young Researchers in Complex Communication and Information Network Sciences”
Purpose of this symposium

Recent research papers have reported some difficulty regarding applicability limits of knowledge in existing segmentized information engineering fields when we study especially on large-scale, complex, and diverse information tele-communication technologies and their network environments. According to this difficulty, the necessity of exploring a new paradigm beyond the fields, such as mathematics, physics, biology, economics, sociology, psychology, and others, has been widely recognized inside our societies. In this symposium, we would like to provide an opportunity to discuss the broad range of topics for leading young researchers of the next generation (the main targets are students and postdocs, but would-be young researchers are also welcome). Through this symposium, we wish to enhance social communications and interactions between them and also to find new interdisciplinary researches.

Note: This symposium is co-organized by Complex Communication Science (CCS) and Network Science (NetSci) communities.

Date and submission
Presentation time and style
  • Lightning talk (5 min.) + Poster presentation (60 min.).
  • Each presenter needs to prepare presentation slides and a poster (Poster size and format are free).Before starting the symposium, please stick your poster on the wall with prepared tape. Before the poster presentation, you have a chance to provide five-minute lightning talk. Please present the contents of your poster. You can use a projector to show your slides for the talk.
Time Presentators and affiliations Title
10:00-10:05 Opening talk
10:05-10:20 Lightning Talk ※ 5 minites/talk
10:20-11:20 Poster session
Shinji Katayama, Ryo Takahashi, Takashi Hikihara (Kyoto University) An Experimental Study of Power Regulation by Power Packet Mixer Using Wireless Feedback
Seongcheol Baek,Takashi Hikihara (Kyoto University) Evaluation for Transmission of Power and Information Tag by Regulating Payload of Power Packet
Yusuke Sakai, Akihiro Fujihara(Fukui University of Technology) About Generation and Visualization of Human Motility Data: Effects on Epidemic Routing
11:20 Closing talk

Contact: Akihiro Fujihara (Fukui University of Technology)

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