Technical Meeting in August 2022

Date: 25 August 2021, AM 9:00–11:55

Venue: Virtual Meeting

Theme: Current situation and future R&D for SDM system deployment -Advanced devices for MCF systems-

Working language: Japanese


Chair: Naoto Yoshimoto (Chitose Institute of Science and Technology)
Kunimasa Saitoh (EXAT Committee Chair)
09:05–10:00[Special Invited] "Current status and Prospects of Optical Transport Technologies"
Yutaka Miyamoto (NTT Corporation)
10:45–10:25[Invited] "Recent efforts and future prospective of multi-core fiber (MCF) transmission system"
Takehiro Tsuritani (KDDI Research, Inc.)
Break 15min.
Chair: Werner Klaus (NICT)
10:40–11:05[Invited] "VCSEL Array for CPO transceivers based on MCF space division multiplexing"
Fumio Koyama (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
11:05–11:30[Invited] "Mode-controlling devices based on Si waveguides"
Takeshi Fujisawa, Kunimasa Saitoh (Graduate School of Information Science and Tech., Hokkaido Univ.)
11:30–11:55[Invited] "ICT policy towards Beyond 5G"
Hiroyuki Ogawa (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)

Registration fee:Free

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Contact information

Secretary Kazunori Mukasa (Furukawa Electric)

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