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EMCJ Young Engineer Award

The IEICE Technical Committee on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMCJ) holds "Youg Engineer Meeting" every year. We give 'EMCJ Young Engineer Award' for persons who gave excellent presentation in the meeting. The award ceremony is held during the banquet of the meeting.

Selection criterion of the 'Young Engineer Award of EMCJ', Feb. 1 2010 (in Japanese).

 The IEICE member who is under 33 years old on December 31 of corresponding year (including student members).

2.Research area.
 An original researches related to EMC.

3.Presentation time: 20 min.

4.Selection criterion
(1)Novelty: Appropriate reference of present researches. Novelty, and position of proposed research are clearly indicated.
(2)Efficiency: Quantitative comparison with present research is accomplished, and effeiciency is clearly indicated.
(3)Validity: Proposed technology is theoretically, numerically, or experimentally proved and considered, and validity of the research is clearly indicated.
(4)Presentation: Gave good presentation and appropriate answers to questions.

5.Number of awardee : about three preson per year.

Past Awardees: EMCJ Young Engineer Award

Year Title Awardee
2014 Magnetic Field Measurement Near Wireless Power Transfer Systems For Information Household Appliances Satoshi Ishihara, NTT DOCOMO
Reliability Evaluation of ECG Signal Transmitted by IR-Based Human Body Communication Taku Kato, Nagoya Inst. of Tech.
Feasibility of Fault-injected Timing Identification for Actual Cryptographic Devices Using Side-channel Information Ko Nakamaura, Tohoku Univ.
2013 Reducing Common-Mode Noise of Power Converter Using Impedance Balance Method Atsuhiro Takahashi, Toyota Central Labs.
Bandgap Frequency Control on Open Stub Electromagnetic Bandgap Structures Loaded with Capacitive Patches Yoshiaki Kasahara, NEC Corp.
BER Performance for Energy Detection Duration in UWB-IR Receiver with Broadband Noise Kenta Katsu, Nagoya Inst. of Tech.
2012 Equivalent Circuit Models of Capacitance and Inductance at Resonance Based on Electric and Magnetic Energy Taiki Nishimoto, Kyoto Univ.
Measurement and Analysis Methods of Immunity Evaluation for Metal Cable Yusuke Suzuki, Mitsubisi Electric Corp.
A study on Transmit Electrode Structure for Human Body Communication Keigo Kagimoto, Nagoya Inst. of Tech.
2011 Design and Evaluation of Absorber Panels Using Wire Array Sheet having Two Resonant Frequencies Daisuke Ishihara, Univ. of Hyogo
Effect of the Anisotropic Ionosphere on the Sferic Propagation and Improved Single-Site Lightning Location Technique Mitsunori Ozaki, Kanazawa Univ.
Control and design of stopband by applying two stubs to open-stub EBG structure Atsushi Nagao, Okayama Univ.
2010 Estimation of Whole-Body Average SARs in Human for Vertical Polarized Far-Field Exposure at Frequencies over 1 GHz Using Spatially Averaged Squares of Induced Currents Tokio Suzuki, Nagoya Inst. of Tech.
Estimation of Current Sources Magnitude Using Improved SPM Method Yuan Zhen, Tohoku Univ.
Relationship between Contact Point Distribution and Common-Mode Current on Connector with Contact Failure Yu-ichi Hayashi, Tohoku Univ.
2009 Electromagnetic Bandgap (EBG) Structures Using Open Stubs for Miniaturization of Unit Cell Size Hiroshi Toyao, NEC Corp.
Study for extracting the characteristics of LSI power supply at high frequency including the parasitic coupling between package and chip Tomohiro Kita, Kyoto Univ.
Analysis of Temperature Rise in Rats for 1.5-GHz Microwave Exposure Yuya Kanai, Nagoya Inst. of Tech.
2008 One-end Two-port Measurement Technique for Four-port S-parameters Akira Matsuda, Kyoto Univ.
A Study on Measurement of Permittivity of Liquids Using Cylindrical Cavity Eiki Kushizaki, Tohoku Univ.
Numerical simulations of electromagnetic field Generated by Lightning Stroke Using the CIP method Kan Okubo, Tokyo Met. Univ.
2007 Evaluation method of electromagnetic disturbance that contains information leaks from PC display Toshihide Tosaka, NICT
Wideband Measurement of Discharge Current through Fingertip from Charged Human-body Yoshihisa Kagawa, Nagoya Insto. of Tech.
Measurement of Intermediate-frequency and High-frequency Electromagnetic Fields Emitted from Slot Machines Isao Kayano, Kawasaki Univ. of Medical Welfare
2006 Terminal Condition Dependency of Transmission Characteristics for High-speed Power Line Communication Sakuta Shunichi, Musachi Into. of Tech.
lectromagnetic Compatibility of Transcutaneous Energy Transmission System for a Totally-Implantable Artificial Heart Takahiko Yamamoto, Tokyo Univ. of Schince
FDTD analysis of Microstrip line including Quasi-static approximation Takuji Arima, Tokyo Unov. of Agri Tech.
2005 Investigations on the Method of Controlling Eddy Current for Inductive Thermal Therapy Hiroki Kayahara, Tokai Univ.
Estimation Method of 3-D SAR Distribution with 2-D Electric Field Measurement Katsuki Kiminami, NTT DoCoMo
A Method to Estimate the Radiated Emission Utilizing Common-mode Potential Distribution in a Printed Circuit Board Youhei Sakai, Okayama Univ.
2004 Simulation for Estimation of Source Location by Using Spherical Microwave Holography Jin Kashiyama, Sendai EMC Research Center, NICT
Prediction of EMI Reduction with Guard Traces on PCBs Based on Imbalance Difference Mechanism Tohlu Matsuhima, Okayama Univ.
Common-mode Current by Terminal Unbalance of Short Balanced-Lines with Common-mode Choke Shougo Kiguchi, Kumamoto National Collage of Tech.

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