Singapore-Japan Joint Workshop on Ambient Intelligence and Sensor Networks

Singapore Management University, Singapore, December 4-5, 2015

IEICE Technical Committee on Ambient Intelligence and Sensor Networks

Sensor networks enable gathering ambient information from peoples, products, and sensing devices for real space. Sensing data should be processed, analyzed, and applied for enhancement or assistance for human activities, which is called ambient intelligence. Ambient sensor networks (ASNs) are the sensor networks interactively cooperating with ambient intelligence. It is expected that gentle social environments such as efficient electric power usage in smart grids and effective transportation systems will be established through the ambient sensor networks. Applied researches have been promoted in the field of technologies supporting the ambient sensor networks. Toward future generation, it is important to support such progressing technologies and promote further international collaboration. From the above points of view, IEICE Technical Committee on ASN plans to hold the Singapore-Japan Joint Workshop on ASN. The workshop plans not only oral presentations but also an excursion to observe local research and development laboratories.

a. Ubiquitous sensing and actuation technologies
Space sensing, vital sensing, mobile sensing, ambient interface, device and appliance technologies, embedded software, sensing and control theory.
b. Ad-hoc, mesh, and sensor networks
MAC/routing protocols, QoS control, multi-hop and cooperative communication, security, cross layer design, energy harvesting, green wireless, communication and network theory.
c. Ambient intelligence
Sensor database, context extraction, mining, location-information technology, stream processing, privacy and security, big data, learning signal processing.
d.System basement
Large scale widening, dependability, IoT, M2M, cyber physical, operation management, autonomous distributed control.
e.Interdisciplinary system applications
Agriculture, forestry and fishery support systems, disaster prevention and mitigation system, smart space, medical and health systems, industrial support system, social infrastructure system, wide area sensing system.

Program (Nov. 30, last updated)


Submission: Authors are invited to submit presentation submission until October 31, 2015 via the web page of IEICE Technical Committee Submission System. Authors will not be requested to submit a paper.
Registration deadline: November 15, 2015
Registration fee: 10,000 yen (for Japan-side participants)
Registration Form: Please register from here.

Contact point: Secretaries of IEICE Technical Committee on ASN,