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Session Number:SESSION01



Mutual Information Analysis of Broadcaster Advised Emergency Automatic Wake-Up Signals with Intermittent Reception

Satoshi Takahashi,  


Publication Date:2018/8/31

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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A television broadcaster would send a special signal to automatically wake up their receivers when in emergency. Such wake-up receivers are available around the world. In a mobile television receiver, however, the activation signal would be wrongly determined due to the reception errors. In addition, because a disaster rarely occurs, one would think the receiver does not provide useful information at all and it is better to make it sleep. In this paper, quantitative information to be obtained by the wake-up receiver is evaluated approximating the transmission channel of the activation signal from the broadcast station to the receiver to the asymmetric memoryless binary communication channel. On the other hand, battery capacity in a mobile receiver is limited and the intermittent reception would be used. Therefore this paper also analyses the mutual information as a function of the duty ratio of an intermittent receiver.