International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation


Session Number:S2.9



A Novel High-Gain Quasi-Yagi Antenna with a Parabolic Reflector

Zong Hua,  Gu Haichuan,  Li Hongmei,  Liu Beijia,  Liu Guanjun,  Wu Qun,  


Publication Date:2015/11/9

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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The simplicity and intuitive design of traditional planar printed quasi-Yagi antennas has led to its widespread popularity for its good directivity. In this paper, a novel quasi-Yagi antenna with a single director and a concave parabolic reflector, operating in S-band, is proposed. The impedance characteristic and radiation characteristic are simulated with CST-Microwave Studio, and the antenna is fabricated and measured. The measured results indicate that the antenna which can operate at 2.28-2.63GHz can achieve an average gain of 6.5dBi within the operating frequency range, especially a highest gain of 7.5dBi at 2.5GHz. The proposed antenna can be widely used in WLAN/TD-LTE/BD1 and so on.