International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation


Session Number:4C35



Experimental Investigation of S-Band CP Antenna with Perturbed Corners for a Rectenna Circuit

Mazlina Esa,  Ikhwan Peranggi Pohan,  Jasmy Yunus,  


Publication Date:2008/10/27

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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A receiving antenna can be integrated at its front-end with low-pass filtering and rectifying circuits, forming the rectenna or rectifying antenna system. It allows power to be delivered through wireless using microwave frequency and be converted back into electricity [1], [2]. The filtering is needed to pass the fundamental frequency whilst rejecting a portion of the higher order harmonics generated from the rectifying circuit [2]. The S-band has been in consideration for the wireless (WPT) or microwave power transmission (MPT) due to its location in the unlicensed band. The converted electricity can be used for energy storage or charging a device. Several rectenna candidates [3]-[6] have been reported. This paper presents the experimental investigation of the designed circularly polarized truncated square patch antenna at 2.45 GHz that employs perturbed corner slits. Initial successful numerical investigations have been reported in [7]-[9].