International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation


Session Number:2C16



Design of Stable High-Gain Multiband Circular Microstrip Antenna

Ridho Chayono,  Yuichi Kimura,  Misao Haneishi,  


Publication Date:2008/10/27

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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This paper presents novel multiband stacked circular microstrip antennas with one half-ring slot and with two half-ring slots. The objective of this paper is reducing the reflection loss to realize a stable high-gain performance of the multiband circular microstrip antenna. The 2-D defected ground structure (DGS) slab is introduced to reduce the reflection loss and hence, increasing the antenna gains. The circular microstrip antenna with one half-ring slot is demonstrated to realize triple frequency bands. Moreover, the circular microstrip antenna with two half-ring slots is presented to verify that the stable high-gain of around 8.0 dBi can still be obtained at the new excited frequency. Experiments were conducted to verify the estimated results obtained by IE3D. Good agreements between the measured and simulated results are confirmed. Thus, the proposed antennas are promising candidates for multiband microstrip antenna applications.