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Session Number:SESSION09



Performance Evaluation of SMM Clos-Network Switches under Static Connection Patterns Scheme

Janusz Kleban,  Jaroslaw Warczynski,  


Publication Date:2017/10/1

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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Abstract?This paper is devoted to performance evaluation of the SMM (Space-Memory-Memory) Clos-network switch under a packet dispatching scheme employing static connection patterns, called SD (Static Dispatching). The control algorithm with static connection patterns can be easily implemented in the SMM fabric due to bufferless switches in the first stage. One of the very important performance factor of packet switching nodes is the stability. In general, a switch is stable for a particular arrival process if the expected length of the packet queues does not grow without limits. In this paper we use the second Lapunov method to prove the stability of SMM Clos-network switches under SD packet dispatching scheme. Results of simulation experiments, in terms of average cell delay and packet queue lengths are also shown.