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Session Number:SESSION09



A Wireless Multirate Loss Model for Quasi-Random Traffic Under a State-dependent Threshold Policy

Ioannis Moscholios,  


Publication Date:2017/10/1

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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We consider a cell of certain capacity in a homogeneous wireless cellular network that accommodates new and handover calls from K service-classes and we assume that new calls follow a random or quasi-random process while handover calls follow a quasi-random process. The cell is analysed as a loss system. Calls are accepted in the cell based on a state-dependent bandwidth sharing policy. More precisely, if the number of in-service calls (new or handover) of a service-class exceeds a threshold (different for new and handover calls), then a new or handover arriving call of the same service-class is accepted in the cell with a predefined state-dependent probability. The proposed multirate loss model has a Product Form Solution (PFS) for the steady state probabilities. Based on the PFS, we propose a convolution algorithm for the accurate calculation of congestion probabilities. The accuracy of the proposed algorithm is verified through simulation and is highly satisfactory.