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Session Number:SESSION01



Core network in 5G Mobile era and ICN

Toshitaka Tsuda,  


Publication Date:2017/10/1

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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Mobile communication is heading to 5G era, and intensive efforts are going on to make it reality. It is expected that the 5G mobile network will provide Ultra wide bandwidth, Ultra terminal density, and Ultra short response time, which meet to the social requirements to networks. One of the important aspects of 5G mobile network discussion is that not only the radio access part of the network but also the evolution of core network part are included within the scope, which is new for mobile network discussion. 3GPP is discussing both aspects, and ITU-T focus group FG IMT-2020 which I myself participated made an output document recommending the possible standardization discussion topics of the core network part. One of the key of the core network discussion is the introduction of the Slice concept. Slice is a logical network configured of virtualized network resources and functions. Plural number of slices having different service characteristics can be simultaneously provided on a common platform in dynamic manner. Introduction of Slice make it possible for an emerging network paradigm such as ICN (Information Centric Networking) to be realized as one of the Slice. In my talk, I will touch upon the possible core network evolution in 5G mobile era, and in this context the possible introduction of ICN with some benefits that ICN will provide to make the fundamental targets of 5G mobile network become the reality.