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Session Number:ICTF_2



Comparison of Different Exposure Situations to RF Radiation regarding Mobile Communications with Respect to 5G

Peter Mandl,  Pirmin Pezzei,  Erich Leitgeb,  


Publication Date:2021/03/24

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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In the near future the demand of wireless communications will elevate tremendously. The rapid increasing number of mobile end devices will require a much higher data rate connection than nowadays e.g. to smart homes (Internet of Things, IoT) or to the Internet. The radiation power pattern of base stations and mobile end devices will completely change for the 5G Next Generation Mobile Network technology, which is expected to use frequency bands up to 100 GHz. The electromagnetic exposure especially to human bodies will increase in the future, because most of the wireless Internet connections are realized in RF technology. In this contribution three different measurement campaigns are presented. The first shows the electromagnetic radiation regarding a base station over a period of several days. The second campaign figures out the electromagnetic radiation of a handheld mobile end device to a human head in an area with very poor reception values. The third measurement setup will show a comparison to the exposure of RF radiation caused by mobile communication in a vehicle. The results of the measurements campaigns where compared with current legal and health limits. All measured and calculated values regarding the base station and in the vehicle were in the frame of the legal exposure limits. The calculated legal exposure limits regarding the mobile device was exceeded twice in areas within very poor reception values. A much higher bandwidth in the near future is expected which also will correspond to higher electromagnetic exposure of human bodies that will lead to mandatory periodic measurements to comply with radiation limits.