IEICE Information and Communication Technology Forum


Session Number:ELECT1



Lasers for Datacom and Computercom Applications

Shinji Matsuo,  


Publication Date:2014-08-10

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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The power consumption and data transmission capacity of optical networks in data centers and supercomputers are growing in importance due to the increase in Internet traffic. Furthermore, intra-board and on-chip optical networks will play a key role in reducing the power consumption of routers and servers. Thus, the main challenge is to realize directly modulated lasers with low power consumption and low cost. Membrane buried heterostructure (BH) lasers, in which low refractive index materials such as air and SiO2 are beneath the laser, have attracted a lot of attention because the increase in the optical confinement factor enables us to achieve both low power consumption and a high modulation speed. For low-cost device fabrication, the use of large Si wafers and sophisticated CMOS fabrication technologies is important. In this talk, we will describe the fabrication of DFB laser on SiO2/Si substrate, using epitaxial growth of InP on directly bonded thin InP-based film on a Si substrate. We also describe the photonic crystal lasers for computercom applications.