International Conference on Emerging Technologies for Communications


Session Number:P4



Source Code Release of Own Functional Blocks for GNU Radio Companion that Enables Phase Synchronization of USRP N200 / X300 devices

Yoji Yamada,  Tomoya Nakahama,  Haruto Nakamura ,  


Publication Date:2021/12/1

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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This poster describes own functional blocks for GNU Radio Companion (GRC) that uses the USRP Hardware Driver (UHD) to achieve time alignment and phase synchronization between multiple USRPs and daughterboards. These own blocks are intended for use with the USRP N200 and X300 series in combination with the SBX or SBX-120 daughter board. The proposed own blocks have the following synchronizing functions; (a) simultaneous transmit and receive with one USRP, (b) simultaneous phase-aligned receive with two USRPs, (c) simultaneous transmit and receive with two USRPs connected to a PC, and (d) simultaneous transmit or receive with two USRPs connected to two different PCs. These blocks achieve its goal by specifying the UHD property values, which are not assigned by the GNU Radio Companion (GRC), by using of the UHD Timed Commands. This makes software development in the GRC environment more efficiently. The source code of the own functional blocks will be available at under GPL v3.