International Conference on Emerging Technologies for Communications


Session Number:B4



A Comparison of Distance Performances of Modulation Schemes in an ITS Image Sensor Communication

Takuya YAMAMOTO,  Takaya YAMAZATO,  Hiraku OKADA,  Masayuki KINOSHITA,  Koji KAMAKURA,  Shintaro ARAI,  Tomohiro YENDO,  Toshiaki FUJII,  


Publication Date:2020/12/2

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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Image sensor communication uses an LED light as a transmitter and an image sensor as a receiver. LED light sources are widely used in traffic lights and car tail lights. In addition, since image sensors are used for driving assistance and drive recorder applications, image sensor communication can be used in parallel with other intelligent transport systems (ITS) applications. This study describes an ITS image sensor communication (ITS-ISC) system, which uses an LED array as a transmitter to imitate traffic lights. There are three schemes of signal transmission using an LED array: luminance modulation, spatial modulation, and both luminance and spatial modulation. However, which of these schemes is the most suitable for ITS-ISC is not yet considered. In this study, we compare the communication performance of these three modulation schemes, presenting the configuration of an LED array capture simulator and performance comparison results.