International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility


Session Number:23P4



Basic Characteristics of Transmission Line Employing Periodic Ground Structure on MMIC for an EMC Solution

Y. B. Park,  T. D. Park,  C. S. Kim,  S. H. Kim,  J. W. Jung,  S. Y. Kang,  Y. Yun,  K. H. Park,  


Publication Date:2009/7/20

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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In this work, using the PGS, microstrip line structure with a high isolation characteristic was developed for an EMC solution on MMIC, and the origin of the high isolation characteristic was theoretically investigated. We also explored the basic characteristics of microstrip line employing PGS by using theoretical and experimental analysis. According to the results, the bandwidth of the PGS structure was more than 266 GHz, which indicates that the PGS structure can be employed as a transmission line for application to commercial microwave/millimeter wave device. In addition, the PGS structure showed a much shorter wavelength than conventional microstrip line due to its slow wave structure, which indicates that the PGS structure is a promising candidate for application to a development of miniaturized on-chip passive components.