International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility


Session Number:23P4



A Highly Isolated Transmission Line Employing a Periodic Ground Structure on MMIC for an EMC Solution

S. H. Kim,  Y. B. Park,  S. Y. Kang,  M. H. Kim,  N. S. Kim,  J. W. Jung,  Y. Yun,  K. H. Park,  


Publication Date:2009/7/20

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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Using a periodic ground structure (PGS) on GaAs monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC), a microstrip line structure with a high isolation characteristic between lines was developed for an EMC solution on MMIC. The high isolation characteristic was originated from a resonance between adjacent microstrip lines employing PGS. According to experimental results, a much better isolation characteristic was observed from the adjacent microstrip lines employing PGS compared with conventional microstrip lines, and the frequency range for high isolation was easily controlled by changing the PGS structure. Above results indicate that microstrip lines employing PGS are very useful for application to compact signal lines of highly integrated MMIC requiring a severe EMC regulation.