International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications


Session Number:A2L-F



Distributed Optimization of Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks based on Mutually Connected Neural Networks

Mikio Hasegawa,  Tetsuo Kawamura,  Ha Nguyen Tran,  Goh Miyamoto,  Hiroshi Harada,  Shuzo Kato,  Yoshitoshi Murata,  


Publication Date:2008/9/7

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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The wireless sensor networks, which collect various information from a physical environment, are usually designed as an ad hoc network consisting of a huge number of tiny wireless sensor nodes whose computing power and battery capacity are limited. Because it is difficult to replace all of batteries on such a huge number of sensor nodes, maximization of the lifetime of the network has been one of the important research issues. To optimize such a network with a huge number of the sensor nodes, autonomous and decentralized computing and reconfiguration schemes are suitable. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a routing reconfiguration scheme based on an autonomous optimization dynamics of mutually connected neural networks which minimize their own energy function by autonomous and distributed computing. We show that the proposed method can optimize the routing to maximize the lifetime of the multi-hop wireless sensor network, without any centralized computing nodes.