International Technical Conference on Circuits/Systems, Computers and Communications


Session Number:M1-6



Efficient Way-based Cache Partitioning for Low-Associativity Cache

Byunghoon Lee,  Eui-Young Chung ,  


Publication Date:2016/7/10

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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Cache Partitioning is well-known technique to reduce destructive interference among co-running applications in a shared last-level cache (SLLC). Way-based cache partitioning is a popular partitioning scheme due to its simplicity, but it can dramatically reduce associativity of each partition. Also, most SLLC have limited associativity because the higher associativity causes the higher cache access latency and power consumption. Therefore, we present Selective Cache Partitioning (SCP), a novel way-based cache partitioning technique for SLLC with the low associativity. SCP detects outstanding applications causing heavy cache pollution by on-line profiling and isolates them in private partitions. Then, it allocates non-outstanding applications to a shared partition, thereby partitioning SLLC selectively and providing more associativity to applications by sharing the partition. We provide experimental results to show the efficiency of SCP.