Session Number:A01



On the Capacity of the Flash Memory Channel with Feedback

V. Arvind Rameshwar,  Aryabhatt M. Reghu,  Navin Kashyap,  


Publication Date:2020/10/18

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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In this paper, the binary channel that changes the \(101\) input pattern to a \(111\) with probability \(\epsilon\), and leaves the other input patterns unchanged, is considered as a model for inter-cell interference (ICI) in NAND flash memories. The capacity with feedback of this channel is cast as a dynamic programming (DP) problem, and is numerically evaluated using the value iteration procedure. An analytical upper bound on the feedback capacity is derived using the ``\(Q\)-graph''-based technique of Sabag et al., and the bound is shown to be numerically close in value to the feedback capacity arrived at from the DP problem. For the special case of the channel where \(\epsilon\) is equal to \(1\) (which we call the deterministic flash memory channel), the capacities with and without feedback (which are identical) are shown to be roughly \(0.8114\), which, in turn, is the capacity of the constrained system that forbids the \(101\) input pattern.