Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium


Session Number:TS7



Understanding Intelligent RAN Slicing for Future Mobile Networks Through Field Test

Ping Du,  Akihiro Nakao,  


Publication Date:2019/9/18

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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The future mobile networks are expected to support multiple kinds of applications with different QoS requirements. How to efficiently assign spectrum resource to different applications is still an open issue. In this paper, we first introduce our field test with customized phones for analyzing the association between application-level log and radio signal-level log. We find out that the conventional spectrum allocation scheme is inefficient in user of spectrum resource. To address this issue, we design and prototype an application-specific Radio Access Network (RAN) slicing system, where we can assign each RAN slice with application-specific radio spectrum scheduling policy as well as application-specific radio resource blocks. The preliminary experimental results show the feasibility and efficiency of proposed application-specific spectrum scheduling and resource blocks allocation. Finally, we will introduce how to extend our proposed application-specific RAN slicing to a product network with network intelligence.