Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium


Session Number:P3



Joint User Association and Server Scaling in Multi-access Edge Computing

Minh N. H. Nguyen,  Chit Wutyee Zaw,  Kitae Kim,  Choong Seon Hong,  


Publication Date:2019/9/18

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) is recently acknowledged as one of the key pillars for the next revolution of mobile communications area, where the convergence of IT and telecommunications network provides lower latency and more computation capability for cellular base stations (BSs). To study the trade-off of delay performance and energy cost which are fully controlled by the association decisions among systems of edge sites of mobile users and the service rate scaling of MEC servers to serve the user tasks, in this paper, we formulate a joint user association and MEC server scaling optimization problem, namely \MMP. Accordingly, we first propose a centralized algorithm by iteratively solving the user association and MEC server scaling subproblems to obtain a suboptimal solution approach. We then propose a distributed algorithm based on a greedy user association strategy and decentralized solutions of the MEC server scaling problem.