Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications


Session Number:16-PM2-E



Research on the Cancellation of Doppler Offset by Information Aid for Aviation Mobile Broadband Communication

Wu Xian,  Zhang Jun,  Liu Zhongkan,  


Publication Date:2008/10/14

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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A new method, IAADO (Information-Aided Anti-Doppler-Offset), aiming at eliminating ICI (Inter-Channel-Interference) caused by DFO (Doppler Frequency Offset) and improving the performance of AMBC (Aviation Mobile Broadband Communicaiotn), is presented with a view to the characteristics of the high DFO of aviation channel and the aircraft as a platform of AMBC. The strong ICI caused by large DFO, degrades the performance of AMBC badly. And the DFO can be computed by the aid information, the position and the velocity vector of its own and the positions and the velocity vectors of the aircrafts or ground stations around, which is derived from equipments onboard, such as navigatioin equipments and surveillance equipments, in real time or near real time. According to that the compensation can be done at the receiver, although it is of uncertainty. In this paper, the performance of information-aided cancellation of ICI caused by DFO is analyzed, and the effect of the uncertainty of aid information is investigated also. The simulation results show that the combined method which combines the estimation and IAADO based on aid information with uncertainty, resolves the ICI caused by DFO effectively, and makes AMBC get better performance in high-speed movement, i.e. En_route phase and Arrival phase.