Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications


Session Number:15-PM1-B



Optimal Size Selection for Group Cell Architecture for beyond 3G systems

Lili LIU,  Xiaomei WU,  Jinlong WANG,  


Publication Date:2008/10/14

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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Group Cell, Generalized Distributed Cellular Architecture for China Beyond 3G (B3G) mobile communication systems, was proposed to increase coverage area, adopt new techniques and solve the frequent handover problem with increase of carrier frequency. In order to analyze the optimal size selection for Group Cell, namely the number of cell antennas in a cell group, the power cost model is firstly set up to give the criterion of selection. Then average received power and average received Signal to Interference Ratio (SIR) are respectively taken as the criteria, including Outage Probability. Further more, average channel capacity is discussed as the criterion to select the size of group. Finally, the optimal size selection for Group Cell is given due to the four pieces of criteria. Based on the simulation and analysis, the optimal size selection criteria are applicable to certain Generalized Distributed Cellular Architecture with different performance demands.