ISAP 2015

event date session num session
2015/11/10S1.1Multi-band and wide-band antennas I
2015/11/10S1.4Multi-band and wide-band antennas II
2015/11/10S2.1Millimeter-wave antennas and devices I
2015/11/10S2.3Metamaterial and THz antenna research in Europe
2015/11/10S2.4Wireless power transmission and energy harvesting
2015/11/10S3.1Antenna arrays I
2015/11/10S3.3Millimeter wave and THz antennas
2015/11/10S3.4Antenna arrays II
2015/11/10S4.1Small antennas I
2015/11/10S4.3Microwave techniques for medical diagnostic and therapeutic applications I
2015/11/10S4.4Microwave techniques for medical diagnostic and therapeutic applications II
2015/11/10S5.1Antennas for biomedical and healthcare applications
2015/11/10S5.3Reconfigurable antennas I
2015/11/10S5.4Reconfigurable antennas II
2015/11/11S1.5Computational electromagnetics I
2015/11/11S1.7Microwave imaging for biomedical and other applications I
2015/11/11S1.8Microwave imaging for biomedical and other applications II
2015/11/11S2.5Mobile and indoor propagation I
2015/11/11S2.7Phased arrays and smart antennas
2015/11/11S2.8Diversity antennas, MIMO antennas and systems
2015/11/11S3.5Radar and satellite systems I
2015/11/11S3.7Antennas for 4G/5G applications
2015/11/11S3.8Antenna measurements I
2015/11/11S4.5EBG, metamaterials and periodic structures I
2015/11/11S4.7Miniaturized antennas for communications
2015/11/11S4.8Novel materials for RF devices
2015/11/11S5.5RFID and wireless sensing I
2015/11/11S5.7Multiband and wideband antennas, and emerging antenna technologies
2015/11/11S5.8Radio wave propagation I
2015/11/12S1.11Antenna measurements II
2015/11/12S1.12Radar and satellite systems II
2015/11/12S1.9Antennas for base stations and handheld devices
2015/11/12S2.11Computational electromagnetics II
2015/11/12S2.12Diversity and MIMO
2015/11/12S2.9Multi-band and wide-band antennas III
2015/11/12S3.11Microwave and RF devices I
2015/11/12S3.12Microwave and RF devices II
2015/11/12S3.9Small antennas II
2015/11/12S4.11Radio wave propagation II
2015/11/12S4.12EBG, metamaterials and periodic structures II
2015/11/12S4.9Millimeter-wave antennas and devices II
2015/11/12S5.11RFID and wireless sensing II
2015/11/12S5.12Diverse antenna applications
2015/11/12S5.9Antenna arrays III