2012 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP2012)

event date session num session
2012/10/301A1Plenary talk I
2012/10/301A2Plenary talk II
2012/10/301A3Advanced applications of small antennas I
2012/10/301A4Advanced applications of small antennas II
2012/10/301B3Millimeter-wave antennas
2012/10/301B4Millimeter-wave / THz antennas
2012/10/301C3Emerging techniques in radar
2012/10/301C4SAR polarimetry and interferometry
2012/10/301D3Microstrip antennas and arrays
2012/10/301D4Slot antennas and arrays
2012/10/301E3Various wireless power transmission
2012/10/301E4Wireless power transmission technologies I
2012/10/312A1Medical applications I
2012/10/312A2Recnet antennas' activities in Europe I
2012/10/312A3Recnet antennas' activities in Europe II
2012/10/312B1Antennas and feeding circuits for millimeter-wave sustems
2012/10/312B2MIMO and cooperative communication technologies I
2012/10/312B3Multiband / wideband antennas I
2012/10/312C1Mobile and indoor propagation
2012/10/312C2Mobile channel characterization and modeling
2012/10/312D1High frequency and asymptotic methods
2012/10/312D2Scattering and diffraction
2012/10/312D3Inverse problems
2012/10/312E1Wireless power transmission technologies II
2012/10/312E2Wireless power transmission technologies III
2012/10/312E3Medical applications II
2012/10/31POS1Poster session I
2012/11/013A1MIMO and cooperative communication technologies II
2012/11/013A2New trends in MIMO systems I
2012/11/013A3New trends in MIMO systems II
2012/11/013B1Multiband / wideband antennas II
2012/11/013B2Reconfiguable antennas
2012/11/013B3UWB antennas
2012/11/013C1Array antennas
2012/11/013C2Metamaterial antennas I
2012/11/013C3Metamaterial antennas II
2012/11/013D1Computational electromagnetic I
2012/11/013D2Computational electromagnetic II
2012/11/013D3Computational electromagnetic III
2012/11/013E1Body-centric wiress communications
2012/11/013E2Antenna measurement technologies I
2012/11/013E3Antenna measurement technologies II
2012/11/014B2EMI / EMC
2012/11/01POS2Poster session II
2012/11/024A1Reflector/lens antennas and feeds
2012/11/024A2Phased array and related topics
2012/11/024A3Microstrip and printed antennas
2012/11/024B1Small antennas
2012/11/024B3Mobile antennas
2012/11/024C1Aperture antennas
2012/11/024C2Wire antennas I
2012/11/024C3Wire antennas II
2012/11/024D1Recent studies on earth-space propagation paths I
2012/11/024D2Recent studies on earth-space propagation paths II
2012/11/024D3Propagation in terrestrial and space enviroments
2012/11/024E1Metamaterial antennas and systems with FSS, EBG, MTM & advanced materials
2012/11/024E2EBG and metamaterials I
2012/11/024E3EBG and metamaterials II