1985 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP1985)

event date session num session
1985/8/201A1Reflectors I
1985/8/201A2Reflectors II
1985/8/201A3Horns and Feeds
1985/8/201B1MM Wave Antennas
1985/8/201B2Printed Antennas I
1985/8/201B3Printed Antennas II
1985/8/201C1Radio Energy Transmission
1985/8/201C2Antenna Measurements I
1985/8/201C3Antenna Measurements II
1985/8/201D1Electromagnetic Wave Theory I
1985/8/201D2Electromagnetic Wave Theory II
1985/8/201D3Electromagnetic Wave Theory III
1985/8/201E1Scattering and Absorption Due to Rain
1985/8/201E2Earth-Space Propagation
1985/8/201E3Satellite Communication Systems -System Design and Countermeasure Techniques-
1985/8/212A1Multibeam Antennas I
1985/8/212A2Multibeam Antennas II
1985/8/212A3Array Antennas I
1985/8/212A4Array Antennas II
1985/8/212B1Mobile Antennas
1985/8/212B2Linear Antennas I
1985/8/212B3Linear Antennas II
1985/8/212C1Terrestrial Radio Relay Systems I -Multipath Propagation-
1985/8/212C2Terrestrial Radio Relay Systems II -Equalization Techniques-
1985/8/212C3Land Mobile Communication Systems I -System Design and Diversity-
1985/8/212C4Land Mobile Communication Systems II -Digital Modulation and Performance Improvement-
1985/8/212D1Guided Waves
1985/8/212D2Numerical Techniques
1985/8/212D3Media Effects
1985/8/212E1SAR and Image Processing
1985/8/212E2Remote Sensing of Snow and Subsurface
1985/8/212E3Random Media I
1985/8/212E4Random Media II
1985/8/223A1Array Antennas III
1985/8/223A2Array Antennas IV
1985/8/223A3Adaptive and Signal Processing Antennas I
1985/8/223A4Adaptive and Signal Processing Antennas II
1985/8/223B1Scattering and Diffraction I
1985/8/223B2Scattering and Diffraction II
1985/8/223B3Scattering and Diffraction III
1985/8/223B4Inverse Scattering
1985/8/223C1Reflectors III
1985/8/223C2Large Aperture Antennas
1985/8/223C3Antennas for Space Reserch
1985/8/223D1Propagation in Magnetosphere and Ionosphere
1985/8/223D2Propagation in Ionosphere
1985/8/223D3VLF and LF Wave Propagation
1985/8/223E1Remote Sensing of Atmosphere
1985/8/223E2Effects of Radio Duct
1985/8/223E3Effects of Hydrometeors and Atmospheric Particles
1985/8/223E4Effects of Terrestrial Obstacles