2019 Joint International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility and Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Sapporo

event date session num session
2019/6/4TueAM1AEMF Safety & Biomedical Issues (1)
2019/6/4TueAM1BGrounding, Shielding & Meta-Materials
2019/6/4TueAM1CEMC Management
2019/6/4TuePM1AEMF Safety & Biomedical Issues (2)
2019/6/4TuePM1BRecent Advances in Electrical Characterization and New Material Development for High Speed Interconnect (1)
2019/6/4TuePM1CLow Frequency EMC
2019/6/4TuePM2AEMF Safety & Biomedical Issues (3)
2019/6/4TuePM2BRecent Advances in Electrical Characterization and New Material Development for High Speed Interconnect (2)
2019/6/4TuePM2CPower Electronics Converters/Inverters EMI/EMC
2019/6/4TuePM2PoPoster Session 1
2019/6/5WedAM1AEMF Safety & Biomedical Issues (4)
2019/6/5WedAM1BSignal and Power Integrity (1)
2019/6/5WedAM1CComputational Electromagnetics (1)
2019/6/5WedAM2AExposure Assessment in Realistic Environment
2019/6/5WedAM2BSignal and Power Integrity (2)
2019/6/5WedAM2CComputational Electromagnetics (2)
2019/6/5WedPM1BSignal and Power Integrity (3)
2019/6/5WedPM1CESD and Transients
2019/6/5WedPM2PoPoster Session 2
2019/6/6ThuAM1AAntennas and Propagation
2019/6/6ThuAM1BAdvanced Macromodeling Techniques for EMC and SI/PI(1)
2019/6/6ThuAM1DEMC Measurements (1)
2019/6/6ThuAM2AInterference Mitigation - Communications System EMC
2019/6/6ThuAM2BAdvanced Macromodeling Techniques for EMC and SI/PI(2)
2019/6/6ThuAM2DEMC Measurements (2)
2019/6/6ThuPM1AEMC Issues on Wireless Power Transfer
2019/6/6ThuPM1BEMC Aware Design for Railways and Automotive
2019/6/6ThuPM1CEMP and IEMI, Information Leakage (1)
2019/6/6ThuPM1DEMC Measurements (3)
2019/6/6ThuPM2CEMP and IEMI, Information Leakage (2)
2019/6/6ThuPM2DEMC Measurements (4)
2019/6/6ThuPM2PoPoster Session 3
2019/6/7FriAM1ANear-Field Electromagnetics for EMC Applications(1)
2019/6/7FriAM2ANear-Field Electromagnetics for EMC Applications(2)
2019/6/7FriAM2BEMC Issues Related to Common-Mode Noise(2)