2009 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Kyoto

event date session num session
2009/7/2121P1Information System Security on EMC
2009/7/2121P3EM Wave Propagation and Scattering I
2009/7/2121P4EM Wave Propagation and Scattering II
2009/7/2121Q1Solar Power Satellite, Microwave Power Transmission, and EMC
2009/7/2121Q2PCB and Circuit Design for EMI Control I
2009/7/2121Q3Signal/Power Integrity for Advanced Package and PCB
2009/7/2121R1Measurement Techniques I
2009/7/2121R2Measurement Techniques II
2009/7/2121R3Measurement Techniques III
2009/7/2121R4Power System EMC
2009/7/2121S1Recent Progress in Electromagnetic Dosimetry I
2009/7/2121S3Recent Progress in Electromagnetic Dosimetry II
2009/7/2121S4Biological Effects and Safety I
2009/7/2121T3Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI)
2009/7/2222P1Communication System EMC I
2009/7/2222P2Communication System EMC II
2009/7/2222P3Communication System EMC III
2009/7/2222P4Numerical Modeling I
2009/7/2222Q1PCB and Circuit Design for EMI Control II
2009/7/2222Q2PCB and Circuit Design for EMI Control III
2009/7/2222Q3IC-Level EMI/EMC
2009/7/2222R1Automotive EMC
2009/7/2222R2Immunity / Susceptibility
2009/7/2222R3Towards to Next EMI Regularization
2009/7/2222S1Biological Effects and Safety II
2009/7/2222S2Biological Effects and Safety III
2009/7/2222S3Biological Effects and Safety IV
2009/7/2222S4Exposure Assessment for RF Safety of Wireless Base Stations
2009/7/2323P1Numerical Modeling II
2009/7/2323P2Numerical Modeling III
2009/7/2323P3Shielding and Grounding/Transmission Lines and Cables I
2009/7/2323P4Transmission Lines and Cables II
2009/7/2323Q1Chip and Package Level EMC I
2009/7/2323Q2Signal and Power Integrity/Chip and Package Level EMC II
2009/7/2323Q3Joint Time-Frequency Analysis (JTFA)
2009/7/2323R1Measurement Uncertainty in EMC Testing
2009/7/2323R2EMC Test Facilities
2009/7/2323R3Advanced & Alternative Measuring Techniques at System Level
2009/7/2323S1Installations of Wireless Communication in Hospitals and Their EMC
2009/7/2323S2EM Environment Measurement
2009/7/2323S3ESD and Transients
2009/7/2424P1Metamaterials in EMC Applications
2009/7/2424P3EM Absorber
2009/7/2424Q1Recent Topics on EMC Standardization
2009/7/2424Q3For Understanding EMI Problems in PCB
2009/7/2424R1Statistical Methods in EMC
2009/7/2424R3Recent Topics on EM Immunity Standards
2009/7/2424S1ESD Phenomena Viewpoint from EMC
2009/7/2424S2Lightning Performance in Electric Power and Communication Systems
2009/7/2424S3Lightning and Overvoltage Protection