The 2016 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications (NOLTA2016)

event date session num session
2016/11/28A1L-APlenary Talk 1
2016/11/28A2L-BChaos and Bifurcation 1
2016/11/28A2L-CTime Series and Complex Networks 1
2016/11/28A2L-DNeural Networks and Optimization
2016/11/28A2L-EElectromechanical Systems
2016/11/28A2L-FPower Packet: Energy-and-Information Integrated Technology 1
2016/11/28A2L-GRadio Frequency Technology
2016/11/28A3L-BNonlinear Methods with Interaction
2016/11/28A3L-CTime Series and Complex Networks 2
2016/11/28A3L-DHybrid Dynamical Systems: Modeling, Analysis, and Applications
2016/11/28A3L-EControl and Robotics
2016/11/28A3L-FPower Packet: Energy-and-Information Integrated Technology 2
2016/11/28A3L-GImplementation Technology and Theory for Neuronal and Neuronal Network Models
2016/11/28A4L-BChaos and Bifurcation 2
2016/11/28A4L-CRandom Number Generation and Chaos
2016/11/28A4L-DCollective Behaviors of Chemically/Electrically Coupled Neurons
2016/11/28A4L-EComplex Communication Sciences
2016/11/28A4L-FSimulations in Cardiovascular Systems
2016/11/29B1L-APlenary Talk 2
2016/11/29B2L-BKoopman Operator Techniques in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
2016/11/29B2L-CCoupled Nonlinear Circuits and Networks 1
2016/11/29B2L-DNoise-Driven and Stochastic Information Processing Systems
2016/11/29B2L-ECommunication Systems and Signal Processing
2016/11/29B2L-FRecent Progress in Nonlinear Optimization Algorithms and its Applications 1
2016/11/29B3L-BComplex Photonics and Applications 1 -Random Number Generation-
2016/11/29B3L-CCoupled Nonlinear Circuits and Networks 2
2016/11/29B3L-DSynchronization in Real Worlds and its Mathematical Modeling
2016/11/29B3L-EAD Converters and Dynamical Systems
2016/11/29B3L-FRecent Progress in Nonlinear Optimization Algorithms and its Applications 2
2016/11/30C1L-BComplex Photonics and Applications 2 -Photonic integrated circuits-
2016/11/30C1L-CCoupled Nonlinear Circuits and Networks 3
2016/11/30C1L-DLocalization Phenomena in Nonlinear Lattices 1
2016/11/30C1L-EComplex Networks & Systems
2016/11/30C1L-FCellular Dynamical Systems
2016/11/30C2L-BComplex Photonics and Applications 3 -Reservoir Computing and Laser Dynamics-
2016/11/30C2L-CStability of Power Systems and Oscillators
2016/11/30C2L-DLocalization Phenomena in Nonlinear Lattices 2
2016/11/30C2L-EApplications to Temporal Nonlinear Systems
2016/11/30C2L-FInformation Networks as Collective Statistical Systems