the 2014 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications

event date session num session
2014/9/15A1L-ANonlinear Dynamics of Micro-Scale Oscillating Systems: From MEMS to Vibration Energy Havesters
2014/9/15A1L-BControl and Robotics I
2014/9/15A1L-COptimization Methods for Matrix and Tensor Factorizations
2014/9/15A1L-DCommunication and Sensor Networks
2014/9/15A1L-ERecent Progress of Stochastic Resonance and its Application I
2014/9/15A2L-ANonlinear Dynamics and Control of Interconnected Power Electronics Converters
2014/9/15A2L-BSignal Processing
2014/9/15A2L-CEvolutionary Algorithms with Nonlinear Dynamics
2014/9/15A2L-DPattern Formation and Pattern Recognition in Complex Systems
2014/9/15A2L-ERecent Progress of Stochastic Resonance and its Application II
2014/9/16B1L-ACircuits and Systems I
2014/9/16B1L-BNonlinear Time Series: Multivariate Time Series
2014/9/16B1L-CNovel Optimization Algorithms I
2014/9/16B1L-DCollective Dynamics of Complex Networks:Theories and Applications
2014/9/16B1L-EOscillations I
2014/9/16B2L-ACircuits and Systems II
2014/9/16B2L-BNonlinear Time Series: Analogues and Dynamics
2014/9/16B2L-CNovel Optimization Algorithms II
2014/9/16B2L-DComplex Networks and Systems
2014/9/16B2L-ESynchronization Phenomena in Oscillator Networks
2014/9/17C1L-ASecurity Applications of Chaotic Systems
2014/9/17C1L-BNonlinear Wave and Localization in Discrete Media
2014/9/17C1L-CChaos and Bifurcation I
2014/9/17C1L-DComplex Systems Analysis I
2014/9/17C1L-ELaser and Complex Dynamics I
2014/9/17C2L-ACircuits and Systems III
2014/9/17C2L-BInformation Physics and Computing in Nano-Scale Photonics and Materials I
2014/9/17C2L-CNeural Networks I
2014/9/17C2L-DComplex Systems Analysis II
2014/9/17C2L-ELaser and Complex Dynamics II
2014/9/17C3L-AApplications of Cellular Neural Network Technology
2014/9/17C3L-BInformation Physics and Computing in Nano-Scale Photonics and Materials II
2014/9/17C3L-CNeural Networks II
2014/9/17C3L-DComplex Systems Analysis III
2014/9/17C3L-ELaser and Complex Dynamics III
2014/9/18D1L-ACoupled Nonlinear Circuits and Networks I
2014/9/18D1L-BNonlinear Signal Processing
2014/9/18D1L-CApplied Mathematics
2014/9/18D1L-DComplex Communication Sciences I
2014/9/18D1L-EOscillations II
2014/9/18D2L-ACoupled Nonlinear Circuits and Networks II
2014/9/18D2L-BRecent Technology on Intelligent Video Image Processing
2014/9/18D2L-CChaos and Bifurcation II
2014/9/18D2L-DComplex Communication Sciences II
2014/9/18D2L-ESwitched Dynamical Systems: Modeling, Analysis, and Applications I
2014/9/18D3L-ACoupled Nonlinear Circuits and Networks III
2014/9/18D3L-BControl and Robotics II
2014/9/18D3L-CClassification of Spatial and Spatiotemporal Events by Nonlinear Wave Operations and Metrics
2014/9/18D3L-DComplex Communication Sciences III
2014/9/18D3L-ESwitched Dynamical Systems: Modeling Analysis, and Applications II