The 2013 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation

number title/author
WP-2(C)-1Broadband Loaded Cylindrical Monopole Antenna
Solene Boucher, Ala Sharaiha, Patrick Potier,
WP-2(C)-2Wideband frangible monopole for radio monitoring
D. Gray,
WP-2(C)-3Hybrid Antenna Suitable for Broadband Mobile Phone MIMO System
Minkil Park, Taeho Son, Youngmin Jo,
WP-2(C)-4Design of a High-Gain Wideband Microstrip Antenna with a Stepped Slot Structure
ZHU Wei-gang, YU Tong-bing, Ni Wei-min,
WP-2(C)-5A Q-Band Dual-Mode Cavity-Backed Wideband Patch Antenna with Independently Controllable Resonances
Tao Zhang, Yan Zhang, Shunhua Yu, Wei Hong, Ke Wu,