ISAP 2014

number title/author
WE1B_01Analysis of Reflection Characteristics of Periodic Structures with Oblique Incidence by using ARMA-FDTD Method
Takuji Arima, Kazuki Ogawa, Toru Uno,
WE1B_02Wideband Design of a Circularly-polarized Plate-laminated Waveguide Slot Array Antenna
Tatsuya Yamamoto, Miao Zhang, Jiro Hirokawa, Takuichi Hirano, Makoto Ando,
WE1B_03A Domain Decomposition Finite Difference Time Domain (DD-FDTD) Method for Solving the Scattering Problem from Very Large Rough Surfaces
Zhi-Hong Lai, Jean-Fu Kiang, Raj Mittra,
WE1B_04A Multi-Feature Visibility Processing Algorithm for Radio Interferometric Imaging
Mu-Min Chiou, Jean-Fu Kiang, Raj Mittra,