The 2013 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation

number title/author
TP-P-1An UWB Rotated Cross Monopole Antenna
Jian Ren, Xueshi Ren, Yingzeng Yin,
TP-P-10A Novel C-band Frequency Selective Surface Based on Complementary Structures
Jing Wang, Ming Bai,
TP-P-11Three-dimensional Random Modeling of Particle Packing Through Growth Algorithm and the Microwave Propagation in the Model
Zhi Xian Xia, Hao chi Zhang, Yu Jian Cheng, Yong Fan,
TP-P-12Simulation study of a waveguide power combining network
Z.X. Wang, B. Xiang, M.M. He, W.B. Dou,
TP-P-13Closed-Form Design Equations for Four-Port Crossover with Arbitrary Phase Delay
Ge Tian, Chen Miao, Jin-Ping Yang, Sheng-Cai Shi, Wen Wu,
TP-P-14Super-resolution and Frequency Spectrum Characteristics of Micro-structured Array Based on Time Reversal Electromagnetic Wave
Huilin Tu, Shaoqiu Xiao, Jiang Xiong, Bingzhong Wang,
TP-P-15A Miniaturized Tunable Bandpass Filter Using Asymmetric Coupled Lines and Varactors
Yuhang He, Min Ou, Liguo Sun,
TP-P-16Analysis of Terahertz Smith-Purcell Radiation Generated from Tapered Grating by PIC Simulation
Wenxin Liu, Zhao Chao, Yong Wang,
TP-P-17An Efficient Modal Series Representation of Green's Function of Planar Layered Media for All Ranges of Distances from Source Using CGF-PML-RFFM
A. Torabi, A. A. Shishegar,
TP-P-18Parallel Computation of Complex Antennas Around the Coated Object Using Hybrid Higher-Order MoM and PO Technique
Ying Yan, Xunwang Zhao, Yu Zhang, Changhong Liang, Jingyan Mo, Zhewang Ma,
TP-P-19Combination of Ultra-Wide Band Characteristic Basis Function Method and Asymptotic Waveform Evaluation Method in MoM Solution
A.-M. Yao, W. Wu, J. Hu, D.-G. Fang,
TP-P-2A Design of Miniaturized Dual-band Antenna
Lu Wang, Jingping Liu, Qian Wei, Safieddin Safavi-Naeini,
TP-P-20A Mesh-Tearing Sub-Entire Domain Basis Function Method for Improved Electromagnetic Analysis of Strong-Coupled Cube Array
Lin LIU, Xiaoxiang HE, Chen LIU, Yang YANG,
TP-P-21Apply Complex Source Beam Technique for Effective NF-FF Transformations
Shih-Chung Tuan, Hsi-Tseng Chou, Prabhakar H.Pathak,
TP-P-22A Compressed Best Uniform Approximation for Fast Computation of RCS over Wide Angular-band
Zhiwei Liu, Shan He, Yueyuan Zhang, Xiaoyan Zhang, Yingting Liu, Jun Xu,
TP-P-23Study on the Thin-Film Solar Cell with Periodic Structure Using FDFD Method
Yuan Wei, Bo Wu, Zhixiang Huang, Xianliang Wu,
TP-P-24Accurate Evaluation of RCS on the Structure of Aircraft Inlets
Jingyan Mo, Weidong Fang, Haigao Xue, Ying Yan, Zhewang Ma,
TP-P-25Error Analysis of a Novel Absorbing Boundary Condition for the 3-Step LOD-FDTD Method
Lina Cao, Jianyi Zhou,
TP-P-26Application of Liao’s ABC in 2-D FDFD Algorithm
YU Tongbin, ZHANG lei, ZHAO yanhui,
TP-P-27A hybrid FE-BI-DDM for electromagnetic scattering by multiple 3-D holes
Zhiwei Cui, Yiping Han, Meiping Yu,
TP-P-28Numerical Simulation of Complex Inhomogeneous Bodies of Revolution
Y. B. Zhai, J. F. Zhang, T. J. Cui,
TP-P-29Full Wave Simulation of the Transfer Response of the TX and RX Antennas in the Full-Duplex Wireless Communication Systems
Yunyang Dong, Jianyi Zhou, Binqi Yang, Jianing Zhao,
TP-P-3Design of Single-Layer Single-Feed Patch Antenna for GPS and WLAN Applications
Zeheng Lai, Jiade Yuan,
TP-P-30Research of radio wave propagation in forest based on Non-uniform mesh Parabolic Equation
Qinghong Zhang, Cheng Liao, Nan Sheng, Linglu Chen,
TP-P-31Fast Calculation Method of Target’s Monostatic RCS Based on BCGM
X. F. Xu, J. Li,
TP-P-32New Discretized Schemes of 1st Mur's ABC and Its Applications to Scattering Problems
Quan Yuan, Lianyou Sun, Wei Hong,
TP-P-33Full-Wave Analysis of Multiport Microstrip Circuits by Efficient Evaluation of Multilayered Green's Functions in Spatial Domain
Zhe Song, Yan Zhang,
TP-P-34Analysis of the Antenna in Proximity of Human Body Base on the Dual-Grid FDTD Method
H. S. Zhang, K. Xiao, L. Qiu, H. Y. Qi, L. F. Ye, S. L. Chai,
TP-P-35Design of Millimeter Wave Waveguide-Fed Omnidirectional Slotted Array Antenna
Mohsen Chaharmahali, Narges Noori,
TP-P-4The design of an ultra-wide band spiral antenna
Li Zhi, Zhang Xi-yu, Sun Quan-guo,
TP-P-5A Wide Bandwidth Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antenna Array Using Sequentially Rotated Feeding Technique
YU Tongbin, LI Hongbin, ZHONG Xinjian, YANG Tao, ZHU Weigang,
TP-P-6Equivalent Radius Analytic Formulas of Substrate Integrated Cylindrical Cavity
Luan Xiu-zhen, Tan Ke-jun,
TP-P-7Analysis about the Influence of Terrain on the Fair-weather Atmospheric Electric Field Measurements
Jun Liu, Jia-qing Chen, Li-zhi Yang, Xiang-yu Liu,
TP-P-8A Novel Reconfigurable Bandpass Filter Using Varactor-Tuned Stepped-Impedance-Stubs
Min Ou, Yuhang He, Liguo Sun,
TP-P-9A New Class of Multi-Band Filters Based on The Same Phase Extension Scheme
Xumin Yu, Xiaohong Tang, Fei Xiao, Xinyang He,