ISAP 2014

number title/author
TH2D_01Design of a Leaf-Shaped Bowtie Slot Antenna Electromagnetically Fed by a Microstrip Line
Manabu Yamamoto, Toshio Nojima ,
TH2D_02Fully Textile Slot Linear Array Antenna with Curvature and Crumple Analysis
M. A. A Majid, M. K. A. Rahim, N. A. Murad, N.A.Samsuri, N. F. A. Elias, M. H. Mokhtar,
TH2D_03A Low-Profile, Wideband, Vertically-Polarized Antenna with Directional Radiation Patterns in the Azimuth Plane
Kasra Ghaemi, Nader Behdad,
TH2D_04Novel Compact Uniplanar Printed CPW-fed M-antenna
Hailin Cao, Bei Hou, Qiaoyan Li, Fen Jiang, Weiguang Li, Yantao Yu, Lisheng Yang,
TH2D_05E-shaped Element Design for Linearly Polarized Transmitarray Antennas
Jun Luo, Fan Yang, Shenheng Xu,