ISAP 2014

number title/author
TH2A_01Design of a Transition from WR-15 to Microstrip Packaged by Gap Waveguide Technology
Astrid Algaba Brazalez, Eva Rajo-Iglesias, Per-Simon Kildal,
TH2A_02Noise Investigation of an Active Non-Foster Matching Network for Small Antennas
Christian Stedler, Volker Wienstroer, Rainer Kronberger,
TH2A_03Analysis on Balanced and Unbalanced Modes for Dipole Antennas Using Characteristic Modes
Nozomu Ishii,
TH2A_04Waveguide-fed Cylindrical DRA: Wide-Band Design
Abdulla P, Jasmine PM, Raphika PM,
TH2A_05Quad-Ridged Horn Antenna with L Shaped-Slot Fed by Microstrip Line
Yu-Lin-Shih, Tzung-Wern Chiou,