ISAP 2015

number title/author
S5.5.1Topology Optimization of Tag Structures for Chipless RFID
Yuta Watanabe,
S5.5.2On-road Slot Antenna with Corrugated Ground for Road-Curtain Machine-to-Machine RFID Application
Yifan Wang, A.M. Abbosh,
S5.5.3Development of Nearby Cluttered Tags Detection Unit with UHF-RFID Technology
Kyosuke Mayama, Yoshinobu Okano,
S5.5.4Small-size Tag Antenna for UHF Active RFID System
Jui-Han Lu, Hai-Ming Chin,
S5.5.5Detection Range Enhanced Antenna Using a Triple Polarization Switching for Mobile UHF RFID Applications
Dongjin Lee, Seung-Tae Khang, Soo-Chang Chae, Soo-Ji Lee, Jong-Won Yu,
S5.5.6Compact Chipless RFID Metamaterial Based Structure Using Textile Material
M. E. Jalil, Noor Asmawati Samsuri, Mohammad Kamal A Rahim, R. Dewan,
S5.5.7Short Time Fourier Transform (STFT) for Collision Detection in Chipless RFID Systems
Rubayet-E-Azim, Nemai Karmakar, Emran Amin,