ISAP 2015

number title/author
S4.4.1Developments of Tomography and Radar-based Head Imaging Systems
A. T. Mobashsher, A. M. Abbosh ,
S4.4.2SAR Analysis Around an Implanted Cardiac Pacemaker Induced by EM Wave of VHF Band
Kazuyuki Saito, Soichi Watanabe, Ryota Akiyama, Koichi Ito,
S4.4.3Clutter Rejection Techniques for Microwave Head Imaging
A. Zamani, A.M. Abbosh,
S4.4.4Low Cost Microwave Imaging System Using Eight Element Switched Antenna Array
J. Marimuthu, K.S. Bialkowski, A.M. Abbosh,
S4.4.5Rapid Prototyping of an Electrically-Small Antenna for Binaural-Hearing Instruments
Andrea Ruaro, Jesper Thaysen, Kaj B. Jakobsen,
S4.4.6Focusing Techniques in Breast Cancer Treatment Using Non-invasive Microwave Hyperthermia
Phong Thanh Nguyen, A.M. Abbosh,
S4.4.7Low-Energy Bluetooth Beacons for Lifespace Assessment of People with Neurological Conditions
D.Ireland, J. Liddle, F. Harrison, P. Sachdev, H. Brodaty CSIRO,