ISAP 2015

number title/author
S3.8.1Extending the Bandwidth of a Superdirective First-Order Probe for Spherical Near-Field Antenna Measurements
Oleksiy S. Kim,
S3.8.2Improved Cavity Perturbation Technique for Accurate Measurement of Complex Permittivity
Chul-Ki Kim, Byeong-Yong Park, Seong-Ook Park ,
S3.8.3Antenna Measurements in Reverberation Chambers and Their Relation to Monte Carlo Integration Methods
Robert Rehammar, Anton Skarbratt, Christian Lotback-Patane,
S3.8.4Study of Near Field for WPT System
Sangbong Jeon, Jong-Hwa Kwon, Jung-Ick Moon, Seong-Min Kim, In-Kui Cho,
S3.8.5Influence of Microstrip Probe Pad Design on Planar Measurements Using On-Wafer Probes
Patrick Seiler, Bernhard Klein, Dirk Plettemeier,
S3.8.6Estimation of RF Leakage to Oncoming Train Cars From Wireless Access Point Operating in Bullet Train Passing Through a Tunnel
Masami Shirafune, Takashi Hikage, Manabu Yamamoto, Toshio Nojima, Minoru Inomata, Motoharu Sasaki, Wataru Yamada, Takeshi Onizawa,
S3.8.7Measurement of Dipole Antenna in Deionized Water
Hiroyasu Sato, Yang Li, Qiang Chen,