ISAP 2015

number title/author
S2.4.1Oval Double Spiral Coil for High Wireless Power Transmission Efficiency
Shun Hasegawa, Hisao Iwasaki,
S2.4.2Study on the Effective Loading Pattern of Magnetic Sheet for Receiving Coil in WPT System
Naoki Ohmura, Takaho Sekiguchi, Yoshinobu Okano,
S2.4.3Long Range, Safe Power Transmission using Iteratively-Tuned Rectification
B. DeLong, Q. Yuan, J. L. Volakis,
S2.4.4Semi-Elliptical DipoleAntenna for RF Energy Scavenging
Kashka Irani, James Scott, Kamran Ghorbani,
S2.4.5Compact Filtenna with Defected Ground Structure for Wireless Power Transfer Application
M.I. Sabran, S.K.A. Rahim, L.C.Yen, T.A. Rahman, A.A.Eteng, N. M. Jizat,
S2.4.6Selective Wireless Power Transfer Using Two Transmission Coils Sandwiching Reception Coils
Akira Yoshida, Eisuke Nishiyama, Ichihiko Toyoda,
S2.4.7Simplified Near-Magnetic Field of the Resonators in Wireless Power Transfer
Jung-Ick Moon, Seong-Min Kim, Dukju Ahn, Jae-Hoon Yoon, Soon-Ik Jeon, In-Kui Cho,