ISAP 2015

number title/author
S1.8.1Microwave Mammography with a Small Sensor
Naoyuki Ozawa, Yoshihiko Kuwahara,
S1.8.2Three-Dimensional Near-Field Microwave Imaging Approach Based on Compressed Sensing
Yang Fang, Baoping Wang, Chao Sun,
S1.8.3Electro-Biomechanical Breast Phantom for Hybrid Breast Imaging
B. Henin, A.M. Abbosh, W. Al Abdulla,
S1.8.4Planar Microstrip Antenna Array for Hybrid Electro-Biomechanical Breast Imaging
B. Henin, A.M. Abbosh,
S1.8.5Matching Medium for Biomedical Microwave Imaging
Hoi-Shun Lui, Andreas Fhager, Mikael Persson,
S1.8.6Comparison Study of Microwave Patch Antennas At 434 MHz for Intra Cavitary Hyperthermia Applicator Design
Tharrini Rajendran, Kavitha Arunachalam,
S1.8.7Microwave Tomography Using DBIM with Double Mesh Scheme
Latifah Mohamed, Yoshihiko Kuwahara,