ISAP 2015

number title/author
S1.11.1Measurement Jig Using Semi-Rigid Cable for Differential Impedance Measurement by S-Parameters
Ryuta Tozawa, Takayuki Sasamori, Kazuma Endo, Teruo Tobana, Yoji Isota ,
S1.11.2Study on Multiple Antenna Combining for Sequentially Switched Antenna Array Receivers
Takahiro Fujita, Shinichiro Yamamoto, Satoru Aikawa, Satoshi Tsukamoto, Julian Webber, Tomoaki Kumagai,
S1.11.3Measured Aperture-Array Noise Temperature of the Mark II Phased Array Feed for ASKAP
A. P. Chippendale, A. J. Brown, R. J. Beresford, G. A. Hampson, R. D. Shaw, D. B. Hayman, A. Macleod, A. R. Forsyth, S. G. Hay, M. Leach, C. Cantrall, M. L. Brothers, A. W. Hotan ,
S1.11.4A Corrugated Horn Antenna with A Dielectric Lens for High Gain Performance
Hojoo Lee, Junseok Lee, Jaehoon Choi ,
S1.11.5A Study on the Effective Pattern of Magnetic Sheet Considering Their Characteristics Attached on NFC Antenna
Takaho Sekiguchi, Yoshinobu Okano, Naoki Ohmura, Satoshi Ogino,
S1.11.6An Analytical Approach for Antenna Performance Evaluation for MIMO Systems
Chaowei Wang, Songsong Xiao, Weidong Wang, Cheng Wang, Shuaijun Liu,
S1.11.7Tidal Level Estimation Using a 5GHz Band Wireless Access System
Hiroaki Taka, Masaaki Wada,