The 2011 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation

number title/author
FrA4-1Wideband Microstrip Single Patch Antenna
S.Muhamud, M.T.Ali, M. H. M. Zaharuddin, M.N.Md.Tan, A.L.Yusof,
FrA4-2A Slotted Elliptical Antenna for Wideband Applications
S.Muhamud, M.T Ali, E. Adznina, M.K.M.Salleh,
FrA4-3Design of a Tri-Band Printed Monopole Antenna for WLAN and GPS Applications
Jynu-Yu Zou, Cheng-Hsun Wu, Tzyh-Ghuang Ma,
FrA4-4Dispersion-Compensation Technique for Log-Periodic Antennas using C-section All-Pass Dispersive Delay Structures
Shulabh Gupta, Christophe Caloz,
FrA4-5Compact Tri-Band Monopole Antenna with Dual Quasi-Lumped Resonators
Ying-Cheng Tseng, Chi-Hui Lai, Tzyh-Ghuang Ma,
FrA4-6Bandwidth Enhancement of Circularly Polarized Waveguide Antenna Using L-shaped Probe
Shingo Yamaura, Takeshi Fukusako,