The 2011 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation

number title/author
FrA3-1Evaluation of Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields -from static to intermediate frequency-
Masateru Ikehata,
FrA3-2Influence of Whole Body Exposure to 915 MHz RFID on Melatonin System
Young Hwan Ahn, Hye Sun Kim, Man-Jeong Paik, Gwang Lee, Jae-Seon Lee, Yun-Sil Lee, Nam Kim,
FrA3-3Effect of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields on levels of intracellular reactive oxygen species and gene expression profile in MCF10A cells
Mi-Na Hong, Bong-Cho Kim, Yun-Sil Lee, Yoon-Myung Gimm, Sung-Ho Myung, Jae-Seon Lee,
FrA3-4Numerical analysis of thermal effect of the lossy magnetic materials in the human model by high frequency magnetic field
Dong-Yeol Lee, Yu-Ri Lee, Young-Jun Ju, Yoon-Myoung Gimm,
FrA3-5A Dog's Breast Cancer Screening Trial by Using UHF Band Microwave Tomography System
Soon-Ik Jeon, Seong-Ho Son, Hyuk-Je Kim, Jong-Moon Lee, Nikolai Simonov, Kangmoon Seo,