The 2013 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation

number title/author
FA-1(D)-1Simplified Modeling of Ring Resonator (RR) and Thin Wire Using Magnetization and Polarization with Loss Analysis
Dongho Jeon, Bomson Lee,
FA-1(D)-2Transmission Characteristics of Via Holes in High-Speed PCB
He Xiangyang, Lei Zhenya, Wang Qing,
FA-1(D)-3Novel W-slot DGS for Band-stop Filter
Lin Chen, MinquanLi, Wei Wang, Jiaquan He, Wei Huang,
FA-1(D)-4Coupled-Mode Analysis of Two-Parallel Post-Wall Waveguides
Kiyotoshi Yasumoto, Hiroshi Maeda, Vakhtang Jandier,
FA-1(D)-5Systematic Microwave Network Analysis for Arbitrary Shape Printed Circuit Boards With a Large Number of Vias
Xinzhen Hu, Liguo Sun,